New Release 2015


This is my first solo album on acoustic guitar. This was
a live in-studio recording made in the Spring of 2015.
The music could be described as Freaky/Folk-adelic/Jazz.
You might say I play my voice like an instrument.
From age 10 to 35, I played the cornet, and I’m still playing it today with my voice.
I’m now playing shows around the L.A. area.

TOMMY PELTIER & THE JAZZ CORPS                  Free Spirits of Jazz

The Jazz Corps was put together in late 1963 with a group of free spirited jazz musicians.  On Tuesday nights at Maurice’s house “The First Temple of Freedom”, we would play and play away. The music was to provide us with a vehicle so we could express ourselves with no limits of time or space to our hearts’ content. We would say it was better then going to a shrink to get all that stuff out (unload our emotional baggage) and a lot more fun, too.

Plummer and Miller were the backbone and engine that grooved so hard that you ether had to play or get run over. Rodriguez, Blessing and I were all of one mind that seemed to breath together with one voice.

Many a Sunday afternoon at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, we would play a couple of sets before the headliners like Dizzy Gillespie, Cannonball Adderley or Yusef Lateef would come up. Most of the time they would be in our audience, which added to the excitement.

On one occasion during intermission, Nat Adderly sat next to me and mentioned that I reminded him of Don Cherry. I told him I was a big fan, that Cherry has influenced me a great deal. He was also a Cherry fan and was really into Ornette Coleman and his musical concept.

“The Time Miller”, is a song we would get to stretch-out on. It was written for our drummer Maurice who would use mallets only, throughout the piece. It’s like we would follow the spirits into the unknown, creating musical pictures in unison and then come out the other side. No matter how far-out we got, the theme of the song was never forgotten, it reoccurs during the solos in different forms, melodically and rhythmically. Every time we would play this song, it would come out completely different.

Thanks to the generosity of Howard Rumsey – who recorded us each time we played at the Lighthouse – which made these recordings possible. We would play long sets and sometimes run out of tape like on “Ride Miller Ride”, or miss the head of a song like “Chalon Pago” while Howard was busy changing the tapes.           All in all, it was all good.


Jazz Without Borders is True Freedom.

The first studio recordings of The Jazz Corps are being released and is entitled “JAZZHEADS” – 2010 Plastic Echo Records, Tommy Peltier – Cornet  Clifford Woods – Alto,  Bill Plummer – Bass,  Maurice Miller – Drums.

In 1966 Pacific Jazz took the band in the studio with guest jazz giant Rashaan Roland Kirk and we recorded our first album entitled  “THE JAZZ CORPS under the direction of Tommy Peltier featuring Roland Kirk.” with Freddy Rodriguez on reeds, Lynn Blessing on vibes, Bill Plummer on bass,  Maurice Miller on drums, Peltier on cornet and Kirk on tenor, flute, manzello & stritch.


“This is a group that could appeal to the youngsters of the flower generation as well as listeners of longer standing. It is a group of today, combining essences and aspects of Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, the Beatles and nonspecific Latin elements. With Kirk in fine form, this is an album to which you should open your ears and hearts.” Ira Gitler, Downbeat Magazine 1967

Reissued on CD, 1994, E.M.I.

“The Jazz Corps was one of the best-kept secrets of the freedom movement of the 1960s. It reflected the innovations of Ornette Coleman and melded them with the New Orleans spirit of its leader, Peltier. For all of its adventurousness, the music is accessible and, nearly 30 years later, timeless and fresh.” Doug Ramsey, Jazz Times, 1995

Tommy Peltier’s Jazz Corps      “LIVE AT THE LIGHTHOUSE  1963 – 67

Cover Art “This release elicits notions of discovering a rare artistic masterpiece in an attic. These performances at California’s infamous  Lighthouse,  capture a band that infused elements of open-ended group improve, with a firmly rooted Bop disposition. ”                                 Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz, 2002

Chariot of Astral Light      Tommy Peltier - Chariot of Astral Light

Toward the end of the ’60s, do to an injury, I could no longer play the cornet. My horn playing days was to be no more.  Encouraged and inspired by my friend Judee Sill and others, I started singing and playing the guitar. From a jazz musician/composer to a singer/songwriter and a new means of expression.

In the early 1970’s I got together with Judee Sill and put together a number of folk-rock bands. A  CD with Quicktime videos from that period came out for the first time in September of 2005 and is entitled; “CHARIOT OF ASTRAL LIGHT” Tommy Peltier Featuring Judee Sill – 2005 Black Beauty Records.

“Chariot of Astral Light … this is Peltier’s own beguiling brew … this mellow mix of jazzy electric folk is loose but appealing.”     Mick Houghton, Uncut Magazine , 2005

Tommy Peltier - Now and Yesterday In 2007 more recordings from the early ’70s along with some new songs were released on a CD entitled, “Now and Yesterday”  Plastic Echo Records.

About The Plastic Theatre Art Band

During the ’90s I brought my avant-garde pop performance group, Plastic Theatre Art Band, to clubs and concert halls around Southern California. We performed with prominent dancers and companies such as The Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble and The Los Angeles Modern Dance and Ballet.The CD “LIVE AT LUNA PARK” was released in 1995, Herman’s, Germany

” Plastic and Art; these are the poles in which Peltier and his freestyle project Plastic Theatre Art Band impishly swing…. a global sound circus…cloudy dream poetry fusing perfectly with equally lofty music.” Arne Willander, Rolling Stone , 1996

Other Recordings                        Cover Art


Tommy Peltier’s Plastic Theatre Art Band “MARCH OF THE NEMATODES” was released in 2001, Plastic Echo Records. This is a compilation album that begins with a Bug Ballet Suite in three parts recorded in 2001, followed by bands from the 1980s with notable players such as Robbie Krieger and Don Preston.  The last six songs are live in-studio performances by the Plastic Theatre Art Band recorded during the 1990s.


Tommy Peltier’s Plastic Theatre Art Band “HERE TODAY 2008”  Plastic Echo Records.     This  album has songs about my home town New Orleans and other areas in Louisiana.

While driving on the back roads of Louisiana, I came across  “THE FROG’S BREATH SALOON”  sitting right on the Tickfaw River. It and other places in that beautiful country inspired this album.

Cover Artwork



My new album “Love, Women and Song”

is now available .

This is an eclectic mix of Rock, Bop, Pop, Classical and Jazz.

Stay tuned, more details to come.